The University of Chicago offers several specialized training programs designed for residents headed either for academic careers or for private practice Residents are also encouraged to create their own programs through elective rotations. Residents may opt for additional inpatient or sub-specialty consultation rotations, intensive experience in outpatient medicine, and rotations in community settings, among others.

Combined Medicine-Pediatrics Training

Physician Scientist Development Program (PSDP)

We also have several additional programs that you may choose to complete during your residency:

LUCENT: Leadership for Urban Primary Care Education and Transformation

The LUCENT Primary Care Track is a multi-disciplinary program that aims to develop effective leaders for primary care transformation in urban communities. The program prepares trainees to enter primary care positions and become leaders in today’s ongoing transformation of primary care. Residents who participate in this track will:

  • Have expanded ambulatory clinical training
  • Have reduced inpatient responsibilities in PGY2 and 3
  • Participate in twice monthly primary care symposiums
  • Lead clinical practice innovation projects

Find out more information about Lucent here or on the Lucent website:


MERITS: Medical Education Research, Innovation, Teaching and Scholarship

The MERITS Fellowship & Training Programs in Medical Education provides participating residents with the conceptual and practical skills required for successful future careers as medical education scholars and leaders. The goal of MERITS is to develop educational leaders and scholars through:

  • Participation in a focused medical education curriculum
  • Participation in Research In Medical Education (RIME) workshops
  • Completion of faculty mentored research projects
  • Active engagement with a rich network of colleagues and faculty in an environment of collaborative learning and support
  • See more at: MERITS Fellowship Program and Track in Medical Education

Clinical Medical Ethics Fellowship

This program is designed for residents interested in gaining training and experience in medical ethics. The program begins at the beginning of PGY3 year and includes:

  • A five week, full-time Summer Intensive with 3-4 seminars daily
  • A structured ethics curriculum including Topics in Clinical Medical Ethics, Introduction to Moral Philosophy, and Research-in-Progress seminars
  • Participation in the ethics consultation service
  • Complete faculty mentored research projects
  • See more at: Maclean Center for Clinical Medical Ethics Fellowship



Global Health Opportunities

Residents have the opportunity to coordinate with the Center for Global Health (CGH), which offers a broad range of educational, research and clinical opportunities throughout internal medicine residency. Graduates will leave well equipped to pursue a future career in global health.

Residents who participate will:

  • Attend a monthly Global Health lecture series including journal clubs, research in action and reports from students, residents and faculty working abroad.
  • Pursue opportunities for funded clinical rotations at a CGH site abroad (Bangladesh, Nigeria, China) during PGY2 and PGY3 years
  • Participate in ambulatory rotations with our Infectious Disease faculty
  • Perform research with CGH faculty, and the opportunity to present at the Global Health Research day
  • See more at: University of Chicago Global Health Initiative

Check out the brochure here


One Year Housestaff Positions:
The University of Chicago Internal Medicine Training program also offers one year positions to candidates anticipating careers in Anesthesiology, Dermatology, Neurology, Ophthalmology, Psychiatry, Radiation Oncology, and Radiology. The yearlong experience offers a broad exposure to all aspects of internal medicine prior to entering specialty training. House officers receive a curriculum nearly identical to our categorical interns and are given one month of elective.

Links to Additional Programs of Interest:
RWJ Health Care Disparities Program
University of Chicago Institute for Translational Medicine (NIH-funded CTSA)
Clinical Research Traning Program (certificate, MS or PhD via Department of Health Studies)

Training Opportunities in Public Policy, Business, or Social Sciences:
Public Policy Degree Opportunity
MBA Degree Opportunity

The Center for Health and The Social Sciences