Our Pledge to Applicants

The Intern Selection Committee of the University of Chicago Internal Medicine Residency recognizes how the events of 2020—including the COVID-19 pandemic and anti-Black racism and violence, have affected the 2020-2021 residency application cycle. Our program leadership is committed to maintaining an equitable interview process to match a physician workforce able to meet the needs of our community, Chicago’s South Side. In particular, we understand that residency applicants have faced significant challenges related to completing their main clerkship year and embarking on their fourth year experiences. We recognize the concern around a virtual interview season. Our Intern Selection Committee will continue to make thoughtful and holistic reviews of applicants a top priority, taking into account the educational changes that have occurred as a result of recent events. We will focus on applicant characteristics that predict success within our program, and will continue to deemphasize standardized test scores in our review process. We are unwavering in our commitment, affirmed by our mission statement, to find diverse and talented residents seeking to treat medically and socially complex patients with dignity and compassion through a broad range of longitudinal clinical, educational and research opportunities.

The following changes will occur to our interview season timeline:

  1. All interviews will be virtual.
  2. Applications will be reviewed between October and December.
  3. Interviews will be offered starting in mid-November and will continue through the interview season.
  4. The interview season will run from late-November through January.

We welcome all medical students interested in applying to the University of Chicago Internal Medicine Residency to contact us at imr@medicine.bsd.uchicago.edu

Important Dates for the 2020-2021 Application Cycle:

  • Applications are reviewed between:  Oct 21st  – Dec 18th
  • Interview requests are sent between: Oct 21st  – Dec 18th
  • Interviews scheduled between Nov 19th – Jan 15th
    • Notifications are sent to applicants not selected for interviews on Dec 15th
    • The interview dates for this year are: 3 in Nov, 8 in Dec, and 6 in Jan
    • We will interview up to 25 candidates every interview day
  • Program ranking meeting scheduled the week of January 20th, 2020

How To Apply:

The University of Chicago participates in the National Residency Matching Program. In the past several years, the Department of Medicine has received over 3,000 applications and has selected approximately 400 candidates for interviews. Selection for interview is based on a number of factors, including academic performance and clinical performance, particularly in medicine rotations.

♦ Applications will be accepted only through the Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS).

♦ You may apply through your respective Dean of Students Office.

♦ International Medical Graduates must apply through the ECFMG office in Philadelphia. Please call (215) 386-5900 for details.

♦ Three months of supervised U.S. clinical experience is a mandatory requirement. Please note that an observership or externship is not considered clinical experience.

♦ In addition, we will need a letter from your Dean of Students, Department of Medicine chairman of his/her designee, and from two (2) additional faculty members who have directly supervised your work.

♦ Copies of USMLE Steps I and II scores must be received to complete your application.

♦ Since some schools require passing USMLE step II as a graduation requirement, we prefer, if possible, to have both USMLE scores to complete your application.


Physician Scientist Development ProgramPSDP

In addition to the above application process:

♦ The supplemental application form should be sent to address outlined below.

Attention: PSDP Coordinator Department of Medicine
5841 S. Maryland, MC 7082
Chicago, Illinois 60637

Phone (773) 834-5418
Fax (773) 702-2230
Email psdp@medicine.bsd.uchicago.edu

♦ Please visit the Physician Scientist Development Program (PSDP) page for further information and details.


Salary and Benefits:

For information on our salary benefits, visit the following links:

Salary and Benefits

♦ GME General Information

♦ GME Resident Handbook



If you have any questions or additional needs, email us at imr@medicine.bsd.uchicago.edu. Our phone number is 773.702.1447.