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Thank you for taking the time to explore our program and all it has to offer. As chief residents, we are obviously partial to the University of Chicago, but we truly believe our training program ranks among the best in the country.


Why the University of Chicago?

JL1_5637We strive to stay at the forefront of internal medicine education. Some of the highlights of our program include the following:

Exceptional resident autonomy. Our residents regularly cite this attribute as one of the most outstanding qualities of their training. Of course, support is always available, but you will be given opportunities to own the care of your patients and make your own critical decisions.

Opportunities to care for the underserved. Our hospital serves a number of Chicago’s highest risk communities. These communities suffer from great disparities in access to health care and outcomes.

A robust, technology-driven program. Our iPad program is one of the first and most developed programs in the nation. All house officers receive an iPad on their first day of training. The iPad has increased resident efficiency, enabled peer and student teaching, and allowed for access to evidence-based resources in real time at the bedside.

JL1_5736Unparalleled opportunities to engage in scholarship. We have a tremendous, devoted faculty who are committed to mentoring housestaff in basic, translational, and clinical research projects. Nearly 100% of our trainees engage in scholarship, and the vast majority of them produce meaningful publications.

Career mentoring and excellent fellowship matching. Our residents continue to fill spots in the most competitive subspecialty fellowship positions nationwide.  You can see for yourself; check out our fellowship match results from 2009-2013 and our most recent match in December 2016.


An innovative, unique ultrasound curriculum. All housestaff receive a formalized curriculum that provides residents with practical skills in ultrasound-based bedside diagnosis.

Protected inpatient and outpatient experiences. With our 4+2 curriculum, you will have time to focus on your ward duties and ambulatory care separately.

A multifaceted and one-of-a-kind resuscitation curriculum. We are one of the few programs in the country in which medicine residents run all “code teams.” Our respected faculty are national leaders in research and care around ACLS and post-resuscitation care. We have a strong simulation program, mock codes, and monthly resuscitation reviews as well as extensive institutional support for high-quality resuscitation and therapeutic hypothermia.


An outstanding and vibrant housestaff. Not only do our interns and residents bond on the job, but they also form extremely close friendships that last a lifetime. Just ask around!

Training in a truly world-class city. If you don’t know all that Chicago has to offer, you haven’t looked hard enough. A beautiful city on Lake Michigan, Chicago is renowned for its cultural offerings, beautiful architecture, amazing restaurants, distinct neighborhoods, and affordability.




More Information – Our Chiefs’ Site

If you are interested in the program, you should also feel free to browse our Chiefs’ website. While much of the information is directed toward our own residents, you can get a better sense of the program’s inner workings.

Our hospital and the beautiful skyline

About the Chiefs


Nikhil Bassi

Medical School: Northwestern University

Career Plan: Cardiology


I am incredibly excited and honored to be Chief Resident for this academic year! I grew up in Southern California and brought my Lakers fan gear with me to Chicago, where I went to Northwestern for college and medical school. I was delighted to come to University of Chicago for my Internal Medicine Residency, where I was attracted by the opportunity to become an outstanding clinician taking care of a diverse and under-served population, have abundant research opportunities with great faculty mentors, and live in this great city. I really felt I was able to accomplish these goals, and also made some incredible life-long friends. I sincerely hope that as you visit our website, and meet our residents, you will get a sense of our program and why we love working here!


Yasmin Karimi 

Medical School: University of Pennsylvania

Career Plan: Hematology/Oncology


Welcome to the University of Chicago! My name is Yasmin Karimi and I am the ambulatory chief for the 2016-2017 year. I went to college at Johns Hopkins University before taking a year off to teach high school biology in Austin, TX. I returned back to the east coast for medical school at the University of Pennsylvania before finally settling in the Midwest. My last three years here have been phenomenal. Between the exciting city life in Chicago and the wonderful friends and mentors I have interacted with over my residency training, I could not have imagined a more fulfilling experience. I was attracted to UofC initially because of the great faculty and strong hematology/oncology program and quickly realized that those were only the tip of the iceberg. The graduated autonomy in our program leads to outstanding clinical training and the breadth and depth of diseases in our diverse patient population has been incredibly rewarding and educational. I could go on forever about why I love it here (and I look forward to telling you all about it on your interview day!) but I will lastly mention that having the privilege to work with our amazing co residents, program director, and associate program directors has been the highlight of the last several years. Professionally, I am applying to fellowships in hematology oncology this year and am interested in clinical trials and novel therapeutics in acute myeloid leukemia. Outside of the hospital I am a 5K junkie, love travelling and reading. We appreciate your interest in our program and look forward to meeting you!


Katie Lee

Medical school: Emory University

Career plan: Pulmonary/Critical Care Medicine


Welcome to our website! I’m Katie, one of the chief residents. I went to Emory University for undergrad and medical school and subsequently made the cold move north to Chicago. The people, patients, and training program at U of C have all made the last three years an amazing way to become a well-prepared physician. University of Chicago is both “big” in that we have lots of opportunities for research, mentorship, and patient care, but “small” in that our residency is a moderate-sized group with a close-knit feel.  This all exists within the city of Chicago, where restaurants and concerts are always available to explore. I’m thrilled to be representing the program as chief this year and look forward to meeting you all!


Aaron Tannenbaum

Medical school: Temple University

Career plan: Pulmonary/Critical Care Medicine


My name is Aaron and I am honored and excited to welcome you to the University of Chicago Internal Medicine Residency Website! I am originally from Philadelphia (and am happy to draw a map of the city’s finest cheesesteak establishments for you at any time). I attended Colgate University for college in beautiful central NY before moving to NYC to work as a research assistant in the Department of Neurosurgery at Columbia University. I returned to Philadelphia to attend medical school at Temple University where I met my wife. We scoured the country while preparing to couples-match and were ecstatic to land here in Chicago.

Without mincing words, I cannot imagine having had a better residency experience than the one I have had here. The residents are staggeringly smart, hard working and down to Earth. Our program director and APDs are incredible mentors, dedicated to helping us identify and reach our goals. The clinical faculty are inspirational leaders in their respective fields, while remaining motivated and humble educators. We work hard, and the expectations are high, but the environment is comfortable and supportive. This culture, alongside a diverse patient population that offers exposure to underserved communities and a complex referral base, guarantees an educational experience that is both well-rounded and fulfilling. While here, I discovered a passion for pulmonary and critical care medicine and the complex ethical questions often encountered in the course of critical care. I was incredibly fortunate to have had the opportunity to complete a fellowship at the U of C’s MacLean Center for Clinical Medical Ethics during my 3rd year – one of the most prestigious medical ethics programs in the country. It was a life and career-altering experience for which I am incredibly grateful. Being able to interface with scholars from across the University is something that I feel is uniquely special about this place.

Thanks for taking an interest in our program and I hope to meet you in the near future!