The University of Chicago’s Department of Medicine Internal Medicine Residency Program

Our department offers an internal medicine training program designed to encourage science and humanity in the practice of medicine. Our program will help you achieve a mastery of clinical medicine and will start you on your path toward a rewarding future career. We offer a balanced choice of disciplines, ranging from primary care to subspecialty medicine. With an emphasis on both research and teaching, we provide excellent training for those planning a future in academic medicine, clinical practice, medical administration, or any combination of these interests.

Our program has several major advantages. First, our training takes place at the University of Chicago Medical Center located on the main University campus. This proximity fosters a rigorous intellectual environment as well as a close camaraderie among housestaff who see one another daily. The classic separation of basic science and clinical care does not exist at this institution, facilitating the dissemination of the latest laboratory breakthroughs into the clinical arena. Secondly, our residents benefit from a training program in which most faculty physicians have full-time academic appointments at the University. In the Department of Medicine, our 200 and more faculty members — from instructors to professors — take an active part in teaching. Under the support, supervision, and guidance of our faculty, residents take full responsibility for patient care and assume a major role in teaching of medical students and allied health professionals.

While we are proud of our traditions and organization, the most critical ingredient of any clinical training program is, of course, the quality of the residents themselves. Here at the University of Chicago, you will find a housestaff whose vigorous enthusiasm for hard work, learning, and teaching is matched only by its collegiality and support for one another. The commitment that our housestaff demonstrate, not just to the patients and to medicine, but also to each other sets this program apart.

Everett E. Vokes, MD
John E. Ultmann Professor
Chair, Department of Medicine

John McConville, MD
Associate Professor of Medicine
Director, Internal Medicine Residency Training Program
Vice Chair for Education, Department of Medicine